jonesco plastic mudwings

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Jonesco Mudguards J09 Single Wheel

Quality “J Wings” series not cheaper valu guard “VG”

Suitable for SINGLE WHEEL trailers and vehicles, see our other listings for twin wheel wings J22A

Durable & rigid, British made.

Fully recyclable PE

Width-815mm, Radius-410mm, Tyre Cover Depth- 290mm

Lightweight, chemical resistant

Packed and SOLD IN PAIRS

Brand new and easy to fit

Jonesco Mudguards J09



 CODE  B(mm)   R(mm)   L(mm)   S(mm)   H(mm)   Tyre Size 
 J09  290  410  1280  815  410  225/70R15,  185R15,  215R15,  195R15



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