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Aluminium Contour Dropside Plank

This is our new aluminium dropside plank/cape system, a design exclusive to John Adams. It takes a more modern design and couples it with a greater practicality than the current dropside planking systems on the market. Not only is it lighter, it factors in custom artwork and the need for overcentre locks & conspicuity tape. Available in both anodised or mill finish.

Aluminium Contour Dropside Plank

  • 400mm
  • One piece plank
  • Used in the construction of a dropside vehicle, commonly on a flat-bed trailer or pick-up truck.
  • Can be used in conjunction with our dropside end caps, centre pillars & corner pillars.
  • The one piece plank takes away the need to join two 200mm planks to make up the overall side height.
  • If you require a dropside with sides greater than 400mm then our HP50,HP51,HP52 & HP53 sections are available to give the desired height.
Length (mm)

2134 (7ft), 4267 (14ft), 5000 (16.4ft), 2134 Anodised (7ft), 4267 Anodised (14ft), 5000 Anodised (16.4ft)


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