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Aluminium Plank (Top, Bottom & Middle)


aluminium middle plank



Aluminium Plank (Top, Bottom & Middle)

Aluminium Planking section


  • Used in the construction of a dropsided or highsided vehicles, commonly on a flat-bed trailer or pick-up truck.
  • These section will clip into bottom, middle & top planks to give the desired plank height.


 CODE  A(mm)   B(mm)   T(mm)   Length(mm)   Grade   Finish 
 HP50 (Top)  200  25.00  2  VARIOUS  6063  Mill
HP51 (Bottom) 200 25.00  2  VARIOUS  6063  Mill
 HP52 (Middle)  100  25.00  2 3200  6063  Mill
 HP53 (Middle)  200  25.00  2  VARIOUS  6063  Mill


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

HP50/3200mm (Top), HP50/2134mm (Top), HP50/4267mm (Top), HP51/3200mm (Bottom), HP51/2134mm (Bottom), HP51/4267mm (Bottom), HP52/3200mm (Middle), HP53/3200mm (Middle), HP53/2134mm (Middle), HP53/4267mm (Middle)

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