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Portable Handwash Unit


tealwash portable sink unit

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Portable Handwash Unit

Portable Handwash Unit

The robust and easy to clean Tealwash portable sinks are the perfect solution for truck vehicles- for washing hands on the move.

-Require no switch, fully automatic control.

-Hand hygiene achieved at a constant water temperature of 45°C +/-2°C.

-No messy twist taps to retain dirt

-Each filling of the 5L tank provides twenty twelve second washes.

-Close bowl and waste water drains away.

TEAL wash 12 volt , The robust and easy to clean hot water hand wash portable sinks are the prefect solutions for motor vehicles – for hand washing on the move! Wherever your motor vehicle goes, your hot washing facilities can go too! This TEALwash is made for 12v(TW12) volt vehicle power and heats the water when the battery is fully charged and the engine is running, so there is no drain on the battery.it simply connects to the vehicle’s electricity supply, ensuring hot water is always to hand

No switch is needed, with fully automatic control providing battery safety piece of mind. The TEALwash is E-marked to meet European EMC Automotive Directive 95/54/EC. Real hand hygiene is achieved under hot running water at the ideal constant temperature of 45°C +/-2°C. There are no messy twist taps to retain dirt and grease – just a simple Flip-tap.

The TEALwash provides more than twenty twelve second washes, from each filling of the 5 litre water tank. And it’s easy to fill and empty with a large opening lid for a quick top-up with clean water. Close the bowl after washing and the waste water drains away.

Additional information

Weight 4.7 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 300 mm

Tealwash 12V, Tealwash 24V