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Tealwash Handeman


teal handeman portable handwash unit

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Tealwash Handeman

Tealwash Handeman

Our most portable hot water wash unit ever

Featuring four different versions, ensuring that you can wash your hands wherever you are!

All Handeman portable sinks have the unique ‘Waste-safe’ that retains all the dirty water without the need for separate waste pipe or waste water storage container.

The range includes the Handeman for motor vehicles

12 and 24 volt voltage sensing and 12 volt non sensing version, plus a 12 volt low wattage version: one with a vehicle cigar lighter plug for in-cab and car use; a mains supply version; and the Handeman insulated which can be used absolutely anywhere.

Available in 12v/24v

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Handeman 12v, Handeman 24v