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Unwin T Bolt – UNTN


unwin t bolt

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Unwin T Bolt

Unwin T Bolt – UNTN

Designed to be compatible with all approved seat manufactures, the M1 T-Bolts are an easy method of securing seats within a vehicle.

  • The M1 T-Bolts function as a non-removable fixing for permanent seat positions, or can be easily reset by loosening the securing nuts and sliding the seat along the rail.
  • If the seats are to be repositioned, the nyloc nut must be replaced.
  • The M1 T-Bolts are a very effective anti-rattle device.
  • They come in two different pitch sizes 1″ & 2″
  • The 25mm M1 T-Bolts can be used with the Unwin seat fixture with the introduction of a spacer bar.
  • The M1 T-Bolts are to be used at the rear of the seat in conjunction with the M2 T Bolts for the front of the seat.

Successfully tested at MIRA, TUV and Status to M1 on single seats of up to 33kg and M2 on double seats, the M1 T-Bolts meet requirements of ECE regulation 14 and EU directives 76/115.

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UNTN1 (1"), UNTN2 (2")