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Weld on Steel Eyeplate


6mm steel eyeplate.


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Weld on Steel Eyeplate


Can be welded on to dropside vehicle and used along with our IR67A or IR67B antiluce fastener.

Usually welded onto aluminium or steel plank and used as a plate to hold the sides up.

Finish- Pressed mild steel self colour


weld on steel eyeplate

 CODE  A(mm)  B(mm)  C(mm)  D(mm)   E(mm)
 IR70A  76.20  152.40  50.80  4.76  22.20
 IR70B  76.20  152.40  50.80  6.35  22.20


Additional information

Weight 0.357 kg
Dimensions 152 × 50 × 6 mm

IR70A (4.76mm), IR70B(6.35mm)

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