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Bespoke Extrusion

UK Bespoke Aluminium Extrusion

John Adams (Coach Supplies) Ltd are one of the UK’s leading specialists in bespoke aluminium extrusions. We operate with a number of workers with years of key experience in designing custom extrusion.

Working alongside the customer we are able to work together from the earliest point of just an idea to come up with the perfect design for your specific needs. John Adams Ltd can work with a rough sketch or anything yo to a highly detailed drawing. Simple popular extrusion styles such as T slot and V slot can be designed, as well as more complicated, intricate designs.

From the earliest point of the design we will be able to advise of rough costs in case you are having to work within a budget.

Specific Needs

We work in conjunction with a number of aluminium mill worldwide. This allows us to utilize as many components as possible, from the style of finish, the overall lengths and the aluminium grade used.

Aluminium Finish

The finish of the product is up to the customer. We can finish the product as “mill” finished, which is just the standard aluminium. We can also have it powder-coated anything in the full range of RAL codes now available, which is also available in matt, satin or high gloss level. As well as powder-coated, the aluminium can also be anodised. This is an electrochemical process that provides a decorative finish, most commonly a silvery-grey, but it also adds a durable protection to help prevent long term corrosion or damage.

Length of Extrusion

We are able to offer extrusion lengths up to 13.5m, and in some cases up to 15m in length. Smaller sizes can come at a more “premium” price due to cutting charges at the aluminium mill but this is for anything below 2m. We care able to recommend sizes that will be the most economical for the over use of the product.

Aluminium Grades

The most commonly used aluminium grades being used are 6082 T6, 6063 T6, 6005 T6. However, there are multitudes of grades available that can be recommended depending on the use of the custom extrusion.


Please do not hesitate to get in contact with is for any further information or clarification.